Game of Thrones is coming to an end, and although it is an extremely devastating time, we are also beyond excited for the finale next week! And because there is still some time from now until the final episode, we wanted to help you prepare for hosting your own Game of Thrones finale parTEA! The theme of this season is fire and ice, so we based our parTEA theme off that. Check out some of our GoT inspired ideas!


Whenever you invite friends or family over to watch a movie, a show or the big game, you would have to supply the snacks - and a comfy couch. This is no different! However, this time around, dive right into this seasons theme. Have half your snacks blue and half of them red. Separate them on the table to get the divided look. Here are some ideas for blue and red snacks: 

Blue: blue potato chips, blue cheese dip, blue candy (Starburst, Skittles, Smarties, etc.), blue popsicles - the list goes on! We used blueberries and blue skittles to add a little something.
Red: Red chips (ketchup or Doritos), Fruit Dip (click here for recipe), red candy (Twizzlers, Sour Patch Cherries, Smarties, etc.), raspberries, apples - so many options! We used red chewy berries and strawberries. 

We also made two batches of our Game of Scones recipe; one batch red, the other blue. Click here for full recipe. 


There are so many amazing ideas for cocktails or mocktails! We tested out two of our own that we absolutely LOVE and will be drinking during the finale. Here are some of the details: 

Ice Dragon Cocktail: This vibrant blue cocktail is made with our Unicorn Kisses, Fruit Tea and Blue Curacao or Hypnotic to give it that extra pop. Full recipe here.
Fire Dragon Cocktail: This delicious beverage is made with our Cherry Sangria, Fruit Tea and a splash of cranberry cocktail for a fruity, light cocktail. Full recipe here.


This part isn't as hard as you think! A lot of these items can be found around the house, or at your local dollar store. You want to add a medieval vibe to your living room. We added some medieval candle holders and added tea light candles for some ambiance. We also found some vintage wine chalices that were PERFECT for this occasion. Fur pillows or blankets are a huge hit and can be found at Walmart, Home Sense, Indigo, etc. Faux branches also add to any table display, as well. We also included some plastic shields and plastic swords.


Add name tags or labels to all your treats - this is where you can really get creative! For example, we name our bowl of blue skittles "White Walker Eyeballs" and our blueberries "Ice Dragon Droplets". We named our bowl of Doritos "Hodoritos" and our bowl of salsa "Sansalsa". You can really get fun with it! Don't forget to light the candles and dim the lights - set the mood!

Need more ideas? We have so many more amazing recipes and cocktails on our recipe page. Check them out here.

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