USA Sipologist Laura Schiller just achieved her new rank, SeniorExecutive Director. We just had to catch up with her about her shining business and grill her about her #sidehustle and her growing TEAm. Read on to learn more:  

Why did you join Sipology by Steeped Tea?

I was a business major in college and one of my majors involved studying companies. Although I subsequently went to law school, I continued studying companies. In the last few years, I have studied direct sales companies because a few of my friends have become very successful with them. I wasn't 100 percent sure if I was going to work the business, but everything I read about Sipology by Steeped Tea looked incredible and I remembered from business school that a consumable, affordable, popular (80 percent of Americans drink tea) product that is not a fad is the best product to sell. Tea is definitely one of the most incredible products you can sell and I just had a strong feeling Sipology was an incredible company (which was absolutely correct).

How has your business changed since joining a year and a half ago?

When I first started, a lot of my business was focused on my personal sales, my personal new business partners, and becoming a leader myself. Now, I dedicate more time helping people on my TEAm do the same. Nothing is more rewarding than helping other people achieve their goals.

How has Sipology by Steeped Tea changed your life?

I am in complete shock how generous this company is. It’s definitely allowed me to spend money on luxuries without feeling guilty. In addition, Sipology has given me a sense of community that one can only dream of. I seriously have the absolute best time with the dream TEAm (my personal TEAm), other Sipologists in both Canada and USA, and even corporate!! On days that I am stressed about other aspects of my life, I know that I can message or call anyone on the dream TEAm to make me laugh or put a smile on my face. Since I'm relatively new to sales as well, Sipology has definitely increased my confidence. 

Congratulations, you’ve reached Senior Executive Director. What will your goals be after this point?

My goals are to become Regional Vice President prior to conference next year, have 15 Leaders from my Dream TEAm in Vegas, earn Secrets Cap Cana for my husband and me, and change 1,000 lives by the end of next year.

What would you tell other people considering this opportunity?

I would tell anyone to just get off the fence and join!! As someone who has studied hundreds of direct sales companies, I can tell you that the best time to get in is early, before the market is saturated, and Sipology is currently a ground-floor opportuniTEA!! Furthermore, our compensation plan is one of the most generous out there! Also, I was fortunate to earn a trip to China. During this trip of a lifetime, I spent time with the founder and CEO, and trust me, they only want to change people's lives and want the best for all of us!! I have never seen anything even close to this opportunity. 

You seem to have mastered running your business on social media. What is the number one social media tip you would give other Sipologists?

To be patient, as it is a high learning curve but do not be scared of social media! I am able to run this business in 1-2 hours a day because I have a lot of exposure all over the internet. It is the easiest way to get your name out there without spending a dime and barely spending any time!  

What’s your favorite tea concoction?

Toasted S'mores with Chocolate Matcha   

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