USA Sipologist, Michelle, is a Senior Group Leader and is always rocking her tea business with a smile! We just had to catch up with her to see what her tea business is all about.

Why did you join Sipology by Steeped Tea?

I was looking for a creative outlet that I could do in the evenings, but it had to be something that I love so sharing it would be genuine.

How has your business changed since joining?

It's grown! I started with 35 people in my Facebook Group and am now passed 450. I'm still consistently hustling, but the orders come in more regularly now. I started solo and have now had the blessing of being able to build a team.
How has Sipology changed your life?

In several beautiful ways, but I'll stick with three. First, it has filled my world with customers that have become wonderful friends. Second, it has provided me with the additional income that has allowed me to take my family on trips and make lifelong memories at a time when school debt swallowed out extra money. Third, it has allowed me to push myself and find strengths that I never knew I had.

You have reached Senior Group Leader, what are your next goals?

I would love to have someone on my TEAm become a group leader and build their own business and earn their own incentive trip. I want the positive experience that I have had, to be shared by others.

What would you tell other people considering the opportunity?

Honestly...there's literally NO RISK. It's the cheapest chance you will probably take in life and there is HUGE potential should you choose to work for it.

What's your favorite tea concoction?

For summertime, fresh watermelon blended with Sweet Mojito Matcha!

How would your friends/team describe your tea party style in one word?